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Your love is a dream, but a real pain (你的爱是个梦,却有真实的痛 )

Can't be with my long why you pretended to love me (不能伴我长久你何必假装深爱我-)

No matter what happens, I'm here for you (不管发生什么,我都在这里。)

You Are My Sunshine ( 你是我的太阳 )

Don't frown you most precious I can give you want (你别皱眉你最珍贵你要的我都给)

I'm fine, thanks for not asking (我很好,谢谢你的不在乎。)

You know, I love you, there is no retreat(你知道的,我爱你,别无退路 )

I'm about to lose my mind,You've been gone for so long (我快要疯了你离开了太久。)

could ever replace you(从来没有人可以取代你)

You when I was a cash dispenser, I when you are honey(我当你是爱人,你当我是提款机。)

This is who I am Nobody said you had to like it (这就是我。没人说非要你喜欢 )

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger (杀不死你的东西只会让你更强大 )

I miss you, but without a trace ( 我好想你,却不露痕迹 )

I have always been with You(我一直都在)

Deep love person hide the heart does not hang mouth(深爱的人藏心不挂嘴。)

I want to cry, but my pride told me not to (我想哭泣,可是我的骄傲告诉我不可以)

All the family join me in wishing you a happy future (所有的家人同我一道祝你未来幸福。)

If I change the appearance, you forget the time ( 如果我改变了模样,你忘记了时间 )

Some people just keep their feelings to themselves (有些人总是把感觉深埋心底。 )

The healthiest response to life is joy (对生命最佳的回应,是生活得很快乐。)

If you to are not abandoned, I must the life and death rely on one another(你若不离不弃我必生死相依)

I do not have angry of qualification (我连生气的资格都没有 )

Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing (没有痛苦,没有牺牲,我们将一无所有。)

My love will shine(我的爱人会发光。)

I wait for you in the future(我在未来等你)

No matter how far we will be very good (无论多远,我们会很好的)

How good I want to make you not forget for a moment? (我要有多好才能让你念念不忘 )

I have for you cry, from now on you do not deserve my smile (我曾为你哭过,从此你不配拥有我的微笑 )

Fool,The person I love best is you。(傻瓜,我最爱的人就是你了。)

Don’t take yourself too seriously( 别把自己太当回事了。)

Silence is a girl's loudest cry (沉默是一个女孩最大的哭声。)

Save your heart for someone who cares(把心留给在乎你的人吧。)

Wait here until I back (在这里等着我回来)

your name with my life(你的名字伴我生老病死。)

Bitch is affectedly unconventional( 贱人就是矫情。)

Down enough to let go (失望攒够了就放手吧。)

They have a loving person, password and my password only my own(他们密码里都有爱的人,我的密码只有我。)

You don't have much good, I like it ( 你不用多好,我喜欢就好。)

I’m not giving up, I’m just starting over (我没有放弃,我只是从头开始。)

We were just kids in love (我们曾经只是陷入爱的孩子 )

I eat alone I sleep alone I cry alone So cool (我一个人吃,一个人睡,一人默默流泪,挺好! )

I also want to know what I think。(我也想知道我想怎样。)

Remember, at least you have me (记住,至少你还有我。)

Baby I want you here with me(宝贝我多希望你能陪在我身边 。)

Some people still don't know the name, it has become a worry (有的人还不知名字,就已经成了心事。)

No one even lives lost nor will I lose (会不会有人就算把命丢掉也不会把我丢掉。)

I will cherish every good to me (我会珍惜身边每一个对我好的人。)

For a long time with is how long? Buried in the side enough(久伴是多久?葬在身边够不够。)

Past is a nice place to visit but certainly not a good place to stay(过去适宜回味,却不宜留恋。)

I will give you all my love(我将给你全部的爱。)

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